1 Jan 17
Course introduction

2 Jan 24
Preface: Ideology
+ “Brand New Worlds: Corporate Makeover and Dead Logos,” Andrew Blauvelt
+ “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses,” Louis Althusser. pp 162–177

3 Jan 31
Corporate identity systems 1
+ Designing Programmes, Karl Gerstner
+ The Grid System in Corporate Identity, Josef Müller-Brockman
+ Introduction to Structure in Art and Science, Gyorgy Kepes

4 Feb 7
Corporate identity systems 2
+ from The Interface, John Harwood.
+ When TV Logos were Physical Objects.

Penguin Books / Jan Tschichold (Jamie Goldsborough)

5 Feb 14
Visit: Philip Burton and IBM identity manual
Corporate Print Genres: Style Guides, Identity Manuals, and Annual Reports.

Structure, Script, and Action
Post-Cagean Aesthetics and the “Event” Score, Liz Kotz. 54–62, 71–80.
Fun Palace: The Delights that 20th Century Technology Owes Us, Margit Rosen

IBM / Paul Rand (Swetha Anand)

6 Feb 21
Corporate identity in conflict
Selections from Kommando Otl Aicher, Alexander Negrelli

1972 Munich Olympics / Otl Aicher (Kaleb Dean)
Black Panthers (Fabian Vasquez)

7 Feb 28
Nation branding
Brand States, Metahaven
Uncorporate Identity selections, Metahaven

NAi / Bruce Mau (Danyi Wang)
Sealand / Metahaven (Max Kleiner)

8 March 7
Subcultural identites
Counter Publics, Michael Warner
The Gay Science (What is Life?), Sanford Kwinter

Stedelijk Museum / Mevis and van Deursen (Astha Thakkar)

9 March 14
Postcolonial aesthetics
Office of Culture and Design, Walker Art Center Lecture
The Aesthetics of Vulgarity,” from On the Postcolony, Achille Mbembe. pp 102–116.

Visit: Rebecca Gimenez (former design director of the Whitney Museum of American Art)

Manifesta 6 / Dexter Sinister (Bridgette Mroczkowski)

Determine client

10 March 21
“Further Thoughts on Afrofuturism,” Kodwo Eshun
“Black Accelerationism,” McKenzie Wark

Black Lives Matter, Design Action Collective (Jessica Quattrini)

11 March 28

12 April 4
Against Branding: Design and Conflict, Jason Grant

UIC School of Art and Design (Grace Dyer)
Youth International Party (Nanyi Zheng)

Visit: Cheryl Towler Weese to discuss the CADA and UIC identities

13 April 11
studio workshop
Young Patriots Organization (Sarah Lu)
First identity sketches due

14 April 18
Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom, K-hole
SALT / Project Projects (Hilary Short)
Whitney Museum of American Art / Experimental Jetset (Tracey Morrison)
Black Bloc (Qiuguifei Yang)

15 April 25
studio workshop
Google (Soorin Chung)
Documenta 17 / Laurenz Brunner, et al (Alexandros Skouras)

16 May 2
Final identity presentations