Until Black Women Are Free, None of Us Will Be Free

we can take inspiration from the imaginative optimism of the Combahee Statement. Many things have changed since the publication of the document, but many have not, and therein lies the problem that continues to pull people into the streets. The women of the C.R.C. believed that another world was possible, one in which Black women, and thus all of humanity, were freed from systems of oppression and exploitation, as the result of a collective struggle that reached down to the roots of the problems we face.

Eliot Noyes, Paul Rand, and the Beginnings of the IBM Design Program

The logo itself does not function as logo until it is firmly attached — physically and conceptually — to a particular, proprietary object or set of objects. While it may be said to exist without such an object, a logo does not attain its status as a symbol of value — that is, it does not have currency — until the system of objects to which it is affixed gives it meaning.